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Still Her Mom

I hear a lot of Murmur over my Journee post and products and some people may feel as though I am doing too much or whatever the case may be. Journee would be turning 13 this year. If Journee was still here, she would be with me turning a teenager this year. She would still be everywhere. Every milestone, every accomplishment, ever joke, good time bad time just like most of you gladly boast in your living children’s accomplishments I would do the same for her. Unfortunately, I do not have that luxury.

Just because Journee is gone doesn’t mean my love for her has gone. In the same manner that you celebrate your living children’s milestone I will continue to honor my angel rather it be on a shirt, a cup, jewelry, the wall, a tree wherever it is because she still is my child.

Yes, I have 3 other children that have been blessed to see adult hood. I have the pleasure of seeing them, If I need to, I can face time them or call them text them or whatever. When they need me for whatever reason I can be there. I can give them life advice and offer suggestions for success and pray for them daily. I can’t do that with Journee, because she is in God’s hands, but I am still her mother so what I can do is create a legacy for her that she can’t create herself.

This has nothing to do with grief; rather on earth or in heaven I am still her mother, and my love for her does not end. As a Mother to an angel the least I can do is keep her memory alive because God has already taken care of the rest.

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