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Subscription Tiers Breakdown

1. Basic Membership - "Memorial Supporter"

  • Annual Price: $60

  • Includes:

    • 2 memorials per year.

    • Angel art for holidays.

    • Access to exclusive tutorials for workshops.

  • Funds Usage: Contributions support Our Journee Home's memorials, grief center, hospital comfort boxes, and yearly events.

2. Silver Serenity Membership

  • Annual Price: $99

  • Includes:

    • 2 memorials per year.

    • 5 personalized angel stories for holidays of your choice.

    • Angel art for each occasion.

    • Access to tutorials and workshops.

  • Funds Usage: Supports the creation and distribution of grief resources, including the grief magazine, memorial events, and community workshops.

3. Platinum Peace Membership

  • Annual Price: [Specify Fee]

  • Includes:

    • 3 memorials per year.

    • 6 personalized angel stories.

    • A custom journal planner.

    • Access to grief workshops and tutorials.

    • Angel art for each story and memorial.

  • Funds Usage: Aids in the broader mission of Our Journee Home, including enhancing grief support services, expanding the reach of workshops and resources, and contributing to the development of the grief center and other key initiatives.

General Funds Usage

The funds raised through these subscriptions are vital in supporting Our Journee Home's mission to provide comprehensive grief support. They help in:

  • Developing and distributing the grief magazine.

  • Organizing memorial events and ceremonies.

  • Creating and delivering personalized grief resources like angel stories and art.

  • Offering workshops and tutorials to assist those in their grief journey.

  • Maintaining and expanding the grief center to offer a sanctuary for those in need.

  • Assembling and distributing hospital comfort boxes to support grieving families.

By subscribing, members not only receive valuable, personalized support but also contribute to a larger mission of providing comfort and understanding to those experiencing loss, ensuring that they do not face their journey alone.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Basic Membership: "Memorial Supporter"

    Provides you with tangible connections to your loved one while supporting others
    Valid for 12 months
    • Two Memorials Per Year:
    • Angel Art for Holidays:
    • Exclusive Tutorials for Workshops:
    • This is an annual subscription
  • Silver Membership: "Angel Guardian"

    This membership offers a heartfelt way to honor and remember your loved one during significant times
    Valid for 12 months
    • Two Memorials:
    • Five Angel Stories:
    • Angel Art:
    • Exclusive Access:
    • Embrace a year filled with moments of remembrance,
    • learning, and community support.
    • Your journey through grief is accompanied by love
    • creativity, and the enduring memory of your angel.
  • Platinum Peace "Gold Guardian"

    Designed for those seeking an all-encompassing approach to honoring and remembering their loved ones
    Valid for 12 months
    • Three Memorials:
    • Six Angel Stories:
    • Custom Journal Planner:
    • Exclusive Access to Grief Workshops and Tutorials
    • Angel Art for Each Occasion:
    • For those who seek a deep and varied approach
    • Offers a blend of personalization, and creativity
    • Embrace this tier to immerse yourself
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