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Press On

Often, we get caught up on grief, I mean how can we not… we loss someone so special, apart of ourselves that means everything. We loose focus on the fact that we are living again. It is ok to smile, it is ok to have a happy moment, it is ok to live again. Living doesn’t mean we are not remembering or loving who is gone living simply means to press on. To use all the feelings, all the memories everything good we got from our loved ones and press on. Share that love with those around you because you love them and that love for them is still with you. What usually happens is we focus a lot on the pain, the pain is there the pain is inevitable the pain is now apart of our very own existence. The pain becomes our new normal. But guess what else because our new normal, Strength, perseverance we feel guilty when we look at ourselves and say hmmm is It possible how can something so traumatic so detrimental to my being made me a little better. Yes, sure I hurt in the inside but even amid the pain I am better, I am stronger, I am wiser, I am pressing on.

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