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October 5 Letters To Heaven

On this day we will write a letter to heaven, write a letter to your angel , not expressing your pain but sharing your love. Write this letter as if you know they will hear it, and what you would want them to know. This will not be an easy task, this will be an extremely emotional task.

Dear Journee,

Hey dat mommy girl, words cannot describe how much I love and miss you. I am grateful to be your mom, you have touched my heart in ways I didn't know was possible. I have discovered so much about myself, and the depths of my love because of my love for you. I wish you could see all the hearts that have been touched because of you, you are truly an angel my angel and I am honored to be your mom. I will continue to do my part on earth until we are reunited no matter how challenging, and how hard. I love you with every ounce of fiber in me.

Mom :)

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