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My prayer for you

Reminder: In this and EVERY season you get to decide what winning looks like. At the start of this year winning looked like going a full day without crying. Depression kicked my entire 🍑 for months! As we count down to the end of this decade I am so grateful to have my desire to create, to help others and encourage people by sharing my story, her story. There is no shame in being vulnerable. Life is hard enough without having to pretend you’re perfect, pretend your strong, pretend everything is OK when it's not. Trust me.

I lost a lot through the years and some days I didn’t see the light but I learned this lesson: You can keep your dreams even when the path looks different.

My prayer for you:

I hope you find a way to dream today.

I hope you find a way to forgive yourself for not being where you think you should be.

I hope you learn to give yourself grace.

I hope you learn to forgive yourself.

I hope you are fully restored.

I hope you are healed.

I hope you get your spark back.

I hope your not to hard on yourself

I hope you understand that bad days are going to come and some days your grief may feel suffocating.

I hope you know it's OK to have those moments, but do not let it drown out the love. Do not let the pain cloud the memories.

I hope you know that moving forward does not mean letting go, living does not mean letting go, laughing does not mean letting go.

I hope you’re ready to bounce back and set the world on FIRE 🔥!!!

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