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#Journey to Journee

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

I ask God for the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;

the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.


After loosing my daughter Journee Jai Hawkins I can say that grief is real and grief is an attachment to love. The more you love the harder you grief and I believe that now.

I want to share my story with you in hopes we can both understand that you and I are loved more than we have ever realized.


what is the real meaning of love: "an intense feeling of deep affection"

"babies fill parents with feelings of love" So having a baby would show you how to love even if you never experience love or felt that you loved someone.

people love each other I believe. let's say if you did think a person was bad you would never wish harm upon them just cause you had a thought , would you say you may have a level of affection for a stranger.

If you saw harm being done to a stranger you would feel bad and that feeling is what we share together a hundred times over when we lose a loved one. I can say with truth you are loved and not alone in grief.

We all have our own journey we will take in life and in that journey is time and inside that time is our actions. we will never change the time only change our actions inside that time. so as I continue to live I will need god as a source of strength.


I gave birth to an angel and she changed my world. excited to have a girl because from high school I always wanted a little girl. I took pictures of her every day. normal person doing normal things and focused on work and getting a house to see our kids run and play in the house.until the day came that shattered our dreams.

we planned on putting Journee in so many activities like gymnastics, ballet,Music and whatever else she would like growing up. we wanted her mind to be free and have everything.

but journee was not a usual infant she wanted to sit up and watch TV just like her mom and wanted to be held in the air, not like an infant normally would like, she was so advanced and aware as a newborn.

The night before she went to heaven she cried every time we put her down and that was out of her character so we stayed up with her until midnight taking turns holding her until She went to sleep.

I will always remember all 88 day's she was here. Read my full story

I believe that celebrating our baby's and keeping there memory alive is very important threw the grief process

I made a promise that every day of my life I will do gods will and stay in prayer and faith until the day I see Journee. My journey to Journee.


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