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Heavens Playground Waive of Light

"Waive of Light" is a tribute that honors the ethereal connections binding us to our beloved angels. This book embodies the love, memories, and hope shared by Angel Moms from OurJournee Home's Registered Angels. Each angel's name and character shines like a star, forming a constellation that guides us. Together, we envision these luminous guardians, offering comfort, remembrance, and unwavering love.

Blue Green and Yellow Watercolor Dinosaur Story Book (8.25 × 8.25 in) (8.5 × 8.5 in) (8
Download 75 • 141.81MB

Within these pages, angelic characters crafted by kindred spirits grace our exploration. Feel the embrace of your angels, guiding, and strengthening you. "Waive of Light" symbolizes unity, bridging heaven and earth, providing solace for those honoring and celebrating lives that shine in our hearts.

This book celebrates the unity of souls and the enduring power of memory. It reminds us that our angels' light remains woven into our lives, even as they soar amidst the stars.

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