Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Day 1 of 88 my Journey Journee

Happy birthday baby girl

I remember it just like it was yesterday. I woke up in pain, because I refuse to to get sent home again I didn't want to go to the hospital. I remember my husband saying," are we going to have a baby today?" I said, "I'm going to work". I went to work against my better judgement as the pain became more and more intense. I still didn't want to go to the hospital. Finally after being tortured at work for hours my manager and team leads at the time said, "girl get out of here and go to the dr." Fine! I said; and went across the street to the hospital thinking they just gonna send me home.

I get there, they hooked me up to machines and left. 30 min later she comes back and said we need to admit you your 8 centimeters. I was like no my husband at home and I got the car can y'all wait lol. She said 30 min but we need to get her out. As I prepare to meet my daughter they put me under because I was suppose to have a c section. They begin to cut. And I yelled ouch I felt everything so they had to increase my dosage which made me go I to cardiac arrest. They then gave me something else and I felt better. Next thing I hear is the sound of her voice. My husband walks in just as she comes out and she hands her immediately to him. He then brings her to me. Then they take her away while I get stitched up.   Shortly after I was Reunited with her. Tbc

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