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Cynthia Tomczak

Meet Cynthia Tomczak mother of angel Georgianna Faith Tomczak. We had the pleasure of meeting with Cynthia and got a few answers to some questions. Here is the Conversation!

Tell Us About your angel:

Georgianna Faith was born still on 9-3-08. She is my fourth child. Although, I have never been able to mother her here, I am closest to her than any living person. She is my guiding light. I am so thankful she chose me to be her mother. Hope flies on the wings of Faith.

What is your driving force?

I promised Faith when she passed that I would never allow my faith or hope to die because of her death. Because of her life I will always keep my faith and hope in this world and my God alive.

How do you keep their memory alive?

I carry her with me always. In the beginning, I felt an undying need to do and create to make sure she isn’t forgotten in this world. I advocated for a law to be passed in her memory. I donated “gift baskets” to loss parents in hospitals. I spoke at conferences. I joined community services and joined boards to bring awareness. I am proud of all those things but I am most proud that the people that matter like her siblings and grandmother carry her with them throughout life too. She influences them in every way and is their guiding light also.

What are some companies and organizations that helped you during your loss?

Our Journee Home, Sweetpea Project

How has your loss changed you as a person?


What are some things that you did or didnt get in terms of support during your loss?

I think everyone that has lost a child experiences the ignorance of humans throughout their grief journey.

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