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Secret Club

What if I told you I am a part of a secret club, its and exclusive club that requires the greatest of sacrifices. Once you’re in you can never be taken out, you get new sister and brothers in this club with unlimited support.

They will understand you like no one you use to know. Some people discover extra talents while in the club, these new skills and talents can help others, and be used for financial gain. While in this club you become more aware, emotionally connected yet disconnected. You feel everything at once yet nothing at all.

No one will ever look at you the same again, to everyone else you will be the same yet everything about you will be completely different they will not understand the new you, they may not like you, they may desperately desire the old you to come back.

No matter what, you will never be the same. Some may say it’s a good thing you; may feel mixed feelings about the person you will become but overall you will be better yet worse you, will be strong yet weak you will be put together yet torn apart.

Your new life will be a contrast of good yet bad depending on your feelings. Some people will desire to be the new you without having the same sacrifice, the others will despise the new you because they won’t understand how you appear to be so much better. Would you want to be a part of it?