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OJH Magazine October Edition

"In our October magazine issue, we center our focus on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. This is a month of profound significance, where we acknowledge the pain and grief that so many families have experienced due to the loss of a pregnancy or a precious infant. Through heartfelt stories, supportive articles, and a deep sense of community, we aim to shed light on the unique challenges these families face and offer solace, understanding, and hope.

Our magazine becomes a beacon of remembrance during this month, with featured stories that honor the precious lives lost too soon. We strive to create a space where grieving parents and their loved ones can find comfort, validation, and a sense of unity.

Within these pages, you'll discover stories of resilience, articles that provide valuable insights and guidance, and a collection of angel stories that pay tribute to the beautiful souls who touched our lives but left us too early. As we delve into the stories and experiences of our OJH community, we hope to raise awareness about the often unspoken pain of pregnancy and infant loss and remind everyone that they are not alone on this difficult journey.

Through the power of shared stories and unwavering support, we aim to bring a sense of healing and hope to those who need it most during this month of remembrance."

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