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Day 2 Reflection

October 2, 2019, Of infant loss awareness month, Today is reflection on this day we will reflect on an item that reminds you of your angel. What is this item? How does it make you feel? Why did you choose this particular item?

For me it's pillows! Journee loved her pillow there is one pillow in particular that I would put a satin pillowcase on, and she would not go to sleep comfortably if she didn't have this pillow. In time I realized it wasn't just that pillow it was pillows she really liked pillows. Sometimes we would prop Journee up on multiple pillows creating a fort of some sort and she would be able to see the entire room (especially tv). She loved it, as long as she could see all around her and was left alone she would just entertain herself. She really didn't like to be bothered but she didn't want to be alone. As long as she could see someone doing anything other than mess with her and she was on her pillows she was ok. On this day I reflect on pillows, thinking of it without even a thought of that the very first Item I ever created on my craft Journey was a pillow. Since then pillows have been my top requested and one of the things I especially specialize in. It's amazing what happens when you stop and reflect, never did I ever consider to link the 2.

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