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Grieving Intensely?

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

When does a person ever stop grieving intensely?

Grief is based off of the love you have for the person that you loss, so to put a time frame on grief is to put a time frame on a person’s love for the person they loss. Is it possible for a parent to not love a child? Sure you may not like what they do at times, who they have become, or how they act.

But to not love them you’re fighting the inevitable. For a grieving parent, it’s not enough to have to live with this title, this reality but we are constantly reminded this is our reality.

I wish it was possible for me to make up the questions that I get.

I recently had a friend of mine ask me are you grieving intensely, my response was HUH?

She then began to say she notices I never post anything about myself on face book unless it pertains to angel moms or grief, so it made her wonder was I grieving. Imagine the restraint of my reaction, as I went thru a whirl pool of emotions I simply responded by saying lol. Why lol you may wonder well is there a moment I am not missing my daughter absolutely not. There are also moments where the pain is not as severe and living becomes possible; but to be reminded due to a certain behavior or non behavior that that’s my reality can become extremely frustrating.

Once a person looses a child they are never the same... the person that you once knew no longer assist... their entire life revolves around survival, of how they are going to live without their child.

As I'm not a doctor I created a list of links and websites that help with grief,

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